.PPA/Mod Podge/Elmer’s Glue- TAKE 2.

Today I did a video on the differences between Mod Podge, Elmer’s Glue and PPA (perfect paper adhesive). I’m going to also summarize what I said in the video as some people don’t like to (or can not) watch videos.

First, the biggest difference. Price, and what you can buy for $9.00- 8oz of matte PPA or 16oz of matte Mod Podge. For $9.00 you could purchase 36oz of Elmer’s glue. Why such a big difference in price?

There are TWELVE different kinds of Mod Podge, did you know that? They all work together to do what ONE bottle of PPA does. If you purchased one bottle of satin, matte and gloss Mod Podge, and “Hard Coat” (which is recommended by Plaid as a finishing coat) you would spend: $35.96 +tax. Which is MORE than one 32oz of PPA. Of course you’ll get 64oz of Mod Podge, but look at the work involved with applying Mod Podge, allowing 24-48 hours to cure, and then having to apply “Hard Coat”- Plaid suggests waiting 2-3 weeks for that to cure completely. Just seems like a hassle.

On the bottle:
PPA reads “A permanent and archival acrylic adhesive.”
Mod Podge reads “Waterbase sealer, glue and finish.”

Notable differences:
PPA is water resistent. Out of 12 bottles of MP only “Outdoor Mod Podge” is water resistent.
PPA is much smoother than Mod Podge.  (You’ll notice that in the video, hopefully!)

Here is a link to the information on Plaid’s website: FAQ’s.

It looks like US Art Quest is still putting their info sheet online. But they have a video on the details of PPA: HERE.

I hope this helps, and if you have any questions, please feel free to let me know!

I’m working on several different things right now, I’ll be back on Monday to post them! (Unless I finish sooner of course!)